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Finding data in Rose

The simplest way to get data is to search for it. Anything that pops up, you have access to.

We use a keywords search style in Rose.

Meaning results in the search console will match based on the combination of all keywords entered.

Example: Let's say you want to find the GDP of the entire world but you're not sure of the exact rosecode for that concept. By searching the keywords "gdp" and "wld" (the three letter rosecode for world, see also: you would get a result for "wld.gdp.population". Clicking on the result will automatically run a code module :material-code-tags: with that rosecode and generate a visualization.

Search Modifiers

Modifer Symbol Modifier Name Description Example Result
- minus remove matches -wtd Removes any rosecodes containing wtd
" " double quotes exact match "usa.eq" Only returns rosecodes that contain usa.eq in any location in the rosecode

Data Marketplace

Although there is a lot of free data on Rose, some needs to be purchased before it can be used. Learn more about our Rose Data Marketplace.

Licensed Data

Rose also has thousands of private rosecodes built on data from various subscription services. To access this data, you can link your existing subscriptions, like Bloomberg or Market Stack to Rose. Learn more about Licensed vs Unlicensed data

At the moment, the linking has to be done manually, by one of our engineers, so please reach out to us so we can verify. Email us at to set up a connection.

Uploading Data

You can also always upload your own data to Rose. From all major data platforms (i.e. excel or python), you can use the Rose add-in to push data to Rose. Once you've uploaded that data you can work with it, share it, or even sell it.

To get started, install one of our Rose Integrations