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Rose Google Sheets Add-on


Installation Instructions

  1. Install the Rose Add-on from the Google Marketplace
  2. Click on CONTINUE in the popup window

    permission to install

  3. Click on ALLOW

    allow access

  4. Done! There should be pop up window

    successful install

  5. Login to Rose in Google Sheets

    1. Open an new Google Sheet
    2. Click on Extensions -> Rose -> Login...

      • Refresh the page if Rose or Login is not showing up

      menus to login

    3. Type in your Rose username/email and password to login.

      login panel

    4. If successfully logged in the success message will be briefly displayed before the pop-up window closes.

      successful login

How to Use the Rose Google Sheets Add-on

To learn more about how to use the Rose Google Sheets Add-on, follow our Integration Guide.