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Markdown in Rose

Basics for making your Rose Notebooks cleaner and easier to understand.


Quickly create hierarchical headers in markdown by using "#".

These can be helpful when breaking your Rose Notebook into sections for data triangulation, cleaning, manipulation, visualization and synthesis.


# Header

Text Formatting

Here are a few of the most popular ways to customize your text in a Rose Notebook to add organization and emphasis to your work.

Output Input
bold **bold**
italicized *italicized*
strikethrough ~~strikethrough~~

Changing Text Color

When using the Markdown module a user can change the color of a specific word (or words) by enwrapping the specified text in this code:

<span style="color:var(--red)">{text}</span>

Default Colors:

Var Name HEX
--blue #53ADF4
--yellow #E2B923
--red #D94240
--green #04A225
--orange #F56421
--brown #9F654F
--purple #C31ABC
--grey #A3A3A7

Example: markdown font color change


You can quickly create lists by starting a line with either "-" or "1." and even nest list items using tab to indent your layers.

Unordered Lists

Unordered/ bulleted lists can be created by using "-" on each new line.


  • First item
    • Nested item
  • Third item

Ordered List

Ordered lists by starting each line with "1.", "2.", etc.


  1. First item
    1. Nested item
  2. Second item

Use square brackets around the display text and parentheses around the link url.




Rose Twitter


[Rose Twitter](


Adding images is very similar to adding links. Simply add "!" before your square brackets to render an image rather than the link text. You can optionally set a width and height by adding =widthxheight after the image url.




Rose Logo


![Rose Logo](

Notes: you need to manually add ".png" after the imgur link. In imgur, make sure to use the "Copy Link" functionality.

Steps for Uploading an Image to Imgur

  1. Navigate to Imgur
  2. Upload an image by following the on-screen instructions

    imgur upload page

  3. After (possibly) viewing an ad, you will be directed to a page with your image. Click "Copy Link" to copy the image url to your clipboard

    imgur example

  4. Open a new or existing notebook and add a new markdown module

  5. In the new markdown module, type in ![](my-copied-url).
    • Replacing my-copied-url with the link pasted from imgur.
  6. Click the Run button or press shift + enter
    • Your image should now be visible in your notebook!


Markdown Guide Cheat Sheet