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Rose Excel Add-in Desktop Installer


  • Windows computer
  • Excel installed
  • (If applicable) Bloomberg installed on computer
  • Rose username and password

Installation Instructions

  1. Please ensure that Excel is closed before installing the Rose Add-in
  2. DOWNLOAD the Rose Installer
  3. If using Google Chrome and you get a warning about the download...

    1. Click the ^ beside the download and select run anyway

    run anyway

  4. Locate the file in your downloads folder and double click on the Rose installation file

    1. If windows shows the following message click more info and select run anyway more info run anyway
  5. The desktop app will start installing with a progress bar
  6. Once finished, a window for the desktop app will display, prompting for a username and password to your Rose account

    blank log in

  7. Login with your Rose username and password and select Login

  8. After you have successfully logged in, select Install Excel Integration to install the Excel Add-in install button
  9. The installer will start and will give you a success message once the Add-in is installed successful
  10. A new Excel window will also appear already connected to your Rose Add-in
  11. You’re done!
    1. To test, try to pull the yield curve created from the public data source FRED.

example test pull

How to Use the Rose Excel Add-in

To learn more about how to use the Rose Excel Add-in, follow our Integration Guide.


For troubleshooting steps visit our Excel Add-in FAQ.