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Import Data from FRED

Most FRED data is already available on Rose and can be pulled by copy & pasting the FRED code into a code block < >. For the rare case that a code is not already imported follow this documentation.

Find the Series on FRED

Every timeseries on FRED has a unique identifier that can be found in the URL in the format:


FRED example

How to Push to Rose

We can then use that UNIQUE_ID to push the timeseries to Rose using the :push(rosecode, UNIQUE_ID) function on fred. This will link the rosecode you assign to the underlying FRED series and can later be referenced by viewing SHOW TREE on any chart.


fred:push(usa.cpi.fred.rww, CPIAUSL)
Expected Result:

FRED example

Copyrighted Data

Some data in FRED is copyrighted and cannot be accessed via Rose due to API restrictions.

Copyright Message:

Data in this graph are copyrighted. Please review the copyright information in the series notes before sharing.

FRED copyright exception