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Buying a Package on the Rose Data Marketplace

Finding a package

Search for key terms or browse the marketplace to find your desired package. In this guide, we will be looking to buy a package of crypto data.

Search for a package

Previewing a package

Before you purchase a package, you can preview the contents to ensure it meets your needs.

Preview package

Basic preview

The basic preview displays a single view of the data, either a map or a timeseries.

Basic preview package

Detailed preview

From the basic preview, you can open a detailed preview notebook, where you can view and inspect the preview rosecode in more depth.

Detailed preview package

Purchasing a package

Buy package

  • To purchase a package, click Buy on the package tile.
  • Optional: Enter a promo code.
  • Click Buy again.
  • Success!
    • "You will have access to all codes in package:"
  • Click Close

Package purchase success

Accessing your package

Now that you have purchased a package, you will have access to all the rosecodes contained in that package. They will show up in in search results and run in a code module :material-code-tags: in any Rose notebook.

Package after purchase

How to add your credit card

  1. Access the user profile :fontawesome-solid-user: settings from the navigation bar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the profile settings
  3. Enter your credit card information
  4. Click Update Credit Card

Credit card form

Licensed vs Unlicensed data

  • Some datasets rely on a subscription to licensed data (ex. Bloomberg, Haver, Factset, etc) to be eligible to purchase.
    • Contact to register your organization's licenses.
  • Unlicensed data (ex. FRED, World Bank, etc) can be purchased by anyone.