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Understand the Rose Naming Convention

Here at Rose HQ we follow the basic syntax for naming:


This may seem confusing at first, but each rosecode should read as a human-understandable concept. This naming convention is flexible and can be simplified throughout the research process by using Logic.

If you are pushing a map, try to push with .map at the end


Using an example from our COVID dataset, let's dive deeper into how the structure of the rosecode tells you everything you need to know about the data underneath.

Breaking out each component of this rosecode:

  • usa: this line is only regarding the United States
    • pull the to lookup how to translate country codes to the rose standard
  • covid: this is the broad statistic the line is about
  • cases: the specific substatistic the line is about
  • new: modifier to the statistic designating new vs total covid cases
  • smoothed: an additional modifier telling us this data is already smoothed, in this case with a 7-day moving average
  • d: this is a daily timeseries
  • owid: the source is Our World in Data