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Import CSV or PDF

This section will walk you through the steps of uploading a CSV or PDF file to Rose.

Currently, importing XLSX is not supported.

Importing a CSV or PDF as a Map

  1. Using the menu on the left hand side of the page, select the Add Table button to activate the upload files pane.
  2. Click on the Select File button to open your computer's file explorer.
  3. Click Submit to upload.
  4. After uploading, you will see a preview of your table as a map and the rosecode generated from the filename (Rose automatically converts filenames to lowercase).
    • Optional: rename your rosecode
  5. Click Submit to push this table to Rose as a map.
  6. Select Done to close the pane and return to your workspace.

Note: large files may take a while to upload.

Converting a Map to a Timeseries

You can convert any single column of a map to a timeseries by using the :ts(date_col, value_col) function in a code block.

If your map has multiple header rows of metadata, you can also prepend :offset(# header rows) before :ts( ) to truncate any non-timeseries data.


Map from Import:

Example Map from import

Apply the :ts Function:

wm2ns.rww:ts(DATE, WM2NS)

Resulting Timeseries:

Example Timeseries from Map

Suggested File Formatting


Currently, the Upload CSV functionality does not support timeseries data with dates running horizontally. This includes CSVs downloads from the World Bank.


Best Results:

  • A table on a single page with borderlines
  • Multiple tables on the same page
    • These will be imported as separate maps

Good Results:

  • Table that span multiple pages will be imported as seperate maps
    • These can be merged later on Rose

Incorrect Results:

  • Tables without borderlines
  • Table with partial borderlines
  • Handwritten images

Example Table for Best Results:

Example PDF for Best Results

Overwriting Rosecodes

When uploading a table, you may see a warning screen that asks you to either rename or confirm overwrite for your upload. This occurs when the CSV you are uploading generates a rosecode that is already saved under your user profile.

Additional Notes

Some CSVs have a blank cell for the first value. Rose will fill in that cell automatically, allowing the user to upload.