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Listing a Package on the Rose Data Marketplace

This section will walk you through the steps of listing a package on the Rose Data Marketplace.

Creating a package

  1. Identify concept
  2. Collect the data - or connect to an API
  3. Investigate and clean the data, add alpha
  4. Model and organize the data into maps

Structure of a package

Example package

  • Map must have single column called codes
  • Metadata can be included
  • All levels of logic desired to be shared, must be included down to the source codes

Pushing a package

In order to list a package, you first need to push the package as a map with the desired name (we recommend adding .package to the end).

=push_map(reference to package name, range of codes, metadata (optional))

Push package example

Listing a package

  1. After pushing a package to Rose
  2. Open the Marketplace from the navigation menu
  3. Switch to the Sell Packages tab
  4. Specify the options for the package and click Add

Package options

Options for a package

  • Rosecode: the name of the package you want to list
  • Price: amount to charge users that buy your package
    • Default: $0 (free)
  • Interval: frequency to charge a user that buys your package
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Annually