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Rose Excel Add-in for Mac


Installation Instructions

  1. Please ensure that Excel is closed before installing the Rose Add-in
  2. DOWNLOAD the Rose Excel Add-in for Mac

    1. We recommend using Chrome but if there is an error with the zip file, try Safari.
    2. The zip file should contain two files: rose.addin.setup and rose.addin.mac.v2.xlam

    zip file contents

  3. Right click on rose.addin.setup and select Open.

    opening the set up file

  4. Click OK to start, and then enter the username and password of your Rose account

    start setup OK

    enter username

    enter password

    import OK

  5. Open Excel and Import Rose Excel Add-in for Mac

    1. Open Excel and create a new workbook.
    2. Click Tools -> Excel Add-ins...

    Tools Excel Add-ins menu

    1. Click Browse...


    1. Navigate to the folder you downloaded in Step 2 and Open rose.addin.mac.v2.xlam

    selecting xlam

  6. You’re done!

    1. To test, try pulling the 10-Year Treasury Rate data from FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data). In this example, the rosecode is the UNIQUE_ID from FRED and then we are applying the :m resample monthly transformation.


    example: test pull

    Expected Result:

    result: test pull

How to Use the Rose Excel Add-in

To learn more about how to use the Rose Excel Add-in, follow our Integration Guide.

Additional Notes

Push data from Bloomberg to Rose through Excel Add-in on Mac isn't available for now because Bloomberg API for Mac OS is only compatible with the Bloomberg Server API and B-Pipe data feed products, not the Bloomberg Professional terminal. For more details on Bloomberg API: